The New BetterYou


New logo, same mission. 

But, what is our mission? 

To lead people to true wellness by connecting them to resources in their community.

Empower Growth.

What does that mean?

We’re going to find out, together! In the coming months, our team will be finalizing your feedback and test data, to launch BetterYou 3.0. It will be an entirely new app (& available on Android!), redesigned to better connect people to people in their community on the same health journey, better connect people to wellness professional's that fit their wellness needs, and better connect people to local health and wellness businesses to better navigate a healthy lifestyle. 

We are setting out to design the best empowerment tool for you to create a personalized healthy lifestyle that’s simple and affordable. A healthy lifestyle that works for you and your schedule, and a platform to maintain it. 

How will we do that?

By launching BetterYou 3.0 and giving it to you to test! Before and after launch, we will need your help determining what you find beneficial and what you don't. We have ideas, but we need to put those to the test. 

Join us on this journey starting now and let’s build this tool together!