Going Bananas Over Meal Plans!

Hey everyone!!

The dietetic interns here. We’ve had a lot of feedback from our recent meal plan & shopping list, and we wanted to talk a little more about it!

First off, make it your own!!! You do not have to follow this 100%. It was just supposed to be a guide for anyone who might be feeling lost. If you don’t love apples and would rather have pears - buy the pears! Do not buy things you don’t enjoy eating just because you think they’re “healthier” options. The most important thing you want to do is buy food that you’ll eat & actually enjoy. Like I said, this was supposed to be a guide, so PLEASE make changes and make it your own!

Second, the grocery list and menu was not specifically made for any of the meal plans. We didn’t price out anything, because depending on the sales and the seasons, prices change OFTEN. So make sure you’re checking how many points each item is that you’re putting in your cart! You may need to also add more food if you have one of the higher meal categories.

Along with that, we did not count calories or any macronutrient content for the meals. Especially if you are an athlete, you may need more than this menu gives you. Listen to your body!!! If you are hungry, you are probably hungry (or thirsty!). As if you are NOT an athlete, this might be too much food for you. Again, listen to your body!!! Do not continue to eat just because you haven’t eaten everything that you packed for your lunch. If you’re satisfied, it is okay to stop eating and save it for later!

And finally, if you want anything from us, please let us know. We are here for you all & want you to get the most out of us as possible. We cannot give individualized meal plans, but Jen Holden would be a good resource for you if you did want something like that!

We’d be happy to give you more recipes or tips on how to BetterYou if you’d like! Ya just gotta ask. (:

Attached is a list of foods you can add or substitute to our posted menu!!