Whats new in 3.0?

Growing Wellness.png

The Most Important Update

BetterYou is now a team. From class project, to crazy business idea, to crossing paths through trial and error, our team was formed and our goal is simple: Empower Growth.

Everyone brings something different to the table and that's what makes this team so special. When a group of individuals are all after the same goal, realize it, and team up, something special happens. We couldn't be more excited about what we're creating here at BetterYou. 

And many more... We're extremely grateful of everyone who's joined the BetterYou Family!

What's new in the App?

Everything (lol)

  • Create your own wellness platform to easily connect with clients/colleagues
    • Submit your own (all content is reviewed before being published):
      • Articles

      • Blogs/Vlogs

      • Podcasts

      • Workouts/Programs

      • Recipes

  • Connect with featured businesses and wellness professionals right in your community

  • Drop a pin in your own community of your favorite wellness locations

    • Receive 10 supports and get your pin verified

  • Connect with Teams/Groups right in your community

    • Allows you to easily be plugged into your community

      • Lifting groups

      • Book club

      • Spiritual study

      • Etc…

  • Monday Morning Podcasts

    • 15-minute weekly podcasts

  • Monthly E-mail Newsletter from our team to keep you focused on your wellness goals!

  • 8 areas of wellness! (Fitness, Nutrition, Intellect, Spirit, Financial, Social, Emotional, Environmental)

  • And more...!