Going Bananas Over Meal Plans!

Hey everyone!!

The dietetic interns here. We’ve had a lot of feedback from our recent meal plan & shopping list, and we wanted to talk a little more about it!

First off, make it your own!!! You do not have to follow this 100%. It was just supposed to be a guide for anyone who might be feeling lost. If you don’t love apples and would rather have pears - buy the pears! Do not buy things you don’t enjoy eating just because you think they’re “healthier” options. The most important thing you want to do is buy food that you’ll eat & actually enjoy. Like I said, this was supposed to be a guide, so PLEASE make changes and make it your own!

Second, the grocery list and menu was not specifically made for any of the meal plans. We didn’t price out anything, because depending on the sales and the seasons, prices change OFTEN. So make sure you’re checking how many points each item is that you’re putting in your cart! You may need to also add more food if you have one of the higher meal categories.

Along with that, we did not count calories or any macronutrient content for the meals. Especially if you are an athlete, you may need more than this menu gives you. Listen to your body!!! If you are hungry, you are probably hungry (or thirsty!). As if you are NOT an athlete, this might be too much food for you. Again, listen to your body!!! Do not continue to eat just because you haven’t eaten everything that you packed for your lunch. If you’re satisfied, it is okay to stop eating and save it for later!

And finally, if you want anything from us, please let us know. We are here for you all & want you to get the most out of us as possible. We cannot give individualized meal plans, but Jen Holden would be a good resource for you if you did want something like that!

We’d be happy to give you more recipes or tips on how to BetterYou if you’d like! Ya just gotta ask. (:

Attached is a list of foods you can add or substitute to our posted menu!!

Healthy Warrior weekly meal plans:

Hey Warrior athletes, 

Welcome to our dietetic intern blog! We know you are all eager to get started working towards a better you through nutrition. We, RD2BE's, are excited to be working with HyVee to give you all great nutrition meal plans and new recipes to try throughout this semester! Check out this one week menu to give you an idea of well-rounded meals and feel free to make them your own. If you would like to follow this menu, at the bottom is the grocery list. The grocery list for this is listed on the HyVee profile.

Feel free to contact us with anymore questions: jholden@hy-vee.com

Happy fueling! 

first week meal plan:

Whats new in 3.0?

Growing Wellness.png

The Most Important Update

BetterYou is now a team. From class project, to crazy business idea, to crossing paths through trial and error, our team was formed and our goal is simple: Empower Growth.

Everyone brings something different to the table and that's what makes this team so special. When a group of individuals are all after the same goal, realize it, and team up, something special happens. We couldn't be more excited about what we're creating here at BetterYou. 

And many more... We're extremely grateful of everyone who's joined the BetterYou Family!

What's new in the App?

Everything (lol)

  • Create your own wellness platform to easily connect with clients/colleagues
    • Submit your own (all content is reviewed before being published):
      • Articles

      • Blogs/Vlogs

      • Podcasts

      • Workouts/Programs

      • Recipes

  • Connect with featured businesses and wellness professionals right in your community

  • Drop a pin in your own community of your favorite wellness locations

    • Receive 10 supports and get your pin verified

  • Connect with Teams/Groups right in your community

    • Allows you to easily be plugged into your community

      • Lifting groups

      • Book club

      • Spiritual study

      • Etc…

  • Monday Morning Podcasts

    • 15-minute weekly podcasts

  • Monthly E-mail Newsletter from our team to keep you focused on your wellness goals!

  • 8 areas of wellness! (Fitness, Nutrition, Intellect, Spirit, Financial, Social, Emotional, Environmental)

  • And more...!

The New BetterYou


New logo, same mission. 

But, what is our mission? 

To lead people to true wellness by connecting them to resources in their community.

Empower Growth.

What does that mean?

We’re going to find out, together! In the coming months, our team will be finalizing your feedback and test data, to launch BetterYou 3.0. It will be an entirely new app (& available on Android!), redesigned to better connect people to people in their community on the same health journey, better connect people to wellness professional's that fit their wellness needs, and better connect people to local health and wellness businesses to better navigate a healthy lifestyle. 

We are setting out to design the best empowerment tool for you to create a personalized healthy lifestyle that’s simple and affordable. A healthy lifestyle that works for you and your schedule, and a platform to maintain it. 

How will we do that?

By launching BetterYou 3.0 and giving it to you to test! Before and after launch, we will need your help determining what you find beneficial and what you don't. We have ideas, but we need to put those to the test. 

Join us on this journey starting now and let’s build this tool together! 

Failing Forward


Failure is anything but what we hope to face in life, it’s what we’ve been trained to believe is the antidote to our demise. Yet, contrary to what we’ve been taught, failure is the greatest gift that we can be given. Not to mention, it’s free too :)

Failure teaches us what success will never. Weaknesses exposed, our mistakes highlighted. Our ego bruised, and our pride demolished. Failure is a lesson that we all need in order to be better equipped for whatever our purpose—our callings are in this life. It’s through the miserable pain that failure invites into our lives that we’re forced to face ourselves without the rose colored glasses we often see ourselves from. And, from that place, we grow into individuals we’ve never been. Sharper than ever, wiser than we’ve ever been.

But, how do we allow failure to produce miracles within us, without allowing it to completely crush us? Here’s how you can learn how to fail forward:

1. Change your perception of failure

Without faulting our parents, loved ones, and communities we can acknowledge that we’ve been lied to about failure. Our perceptions have been skewed to believe that failure is doomsday—a prison that we’ve locked ourselves in and will never be able to escape from. Here’s the catch though, it’s only when you welcome failure as your friend, your teacher that you’ll learn the art of failing forward.

 Photo by Reagan Schwantz 

Photo by Reagan Schwantz 

2. Master Your Mind

Simply, because failure sucks, you’ll feel like you suck too. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to, if you don’t want to. Mastering your mind is the secret that’ll set you free from the negative, toxic thoughts that’ll race through your mind following a traumatic failure. Cliché, but true, you’re not in control of what happens to you, you’re only in control of how you respond to it. Remember this:

Our thoughts create our emotions,

Our emotions create our mood,

Our mood creates our state of being.

As you process failure, be mindful that you’re in control of how you feel, so (please) learn how to master your mind. :)

3. Don’t Play Victim

As easy as playing victim is, whatever you do, don’t do it. Resist the urge to deflect the blame of your failure unto others, rather take responsibility for it. Stop yourself from projecting faults onto those around you, rather acknowledge that your failure is yours—not theirs.

Each time you deflect, and shift blame for your own failure onto someone else, you sabotage your ability to learn from the mistakes you’ve made that’ve led to your own failure. And, life has a funny way of making sure you make the same mistakes over, and over again until you’ve learned the lesson it was trying to teach you all along.

So, save yourself time (and tears), by not taking the easy way out playing victim.

 Photo by Sydney Richburg

Photo by Sydney Richburg

4. Reflect.

Now, this one is hard. It’s never fun to sit down, in quiet solitude reflecting on just why you’ve failed. We’re all human beings, made of heart and soul, not steel. Failure bruises our egos, it strips our pride until we have none. Our insecurities are exposed, and our vulnerabilities are put on display for everyone to see. So, taking the time to reflect on the missteps you’ve taken that’ve resulted in failure can be painful, and extremely difficult to do.

Yet, it’s necessary. It’s the only way we can learn which steps, and decisions we shouldn’t take or make in the future. Take a moment, or several to write your missteps out.

5. Please, Be Kind To Yourself.

Be kind to yourself throughout this process. Failure isn’t an easy one to endure, and process so be vigilant with the compassion you show yourself. Be militant with the thoughts that run through your mind—only allowing positive, loving ones to ruminate. You’re not the sum of your failures, nobody is. Failure, if we’re not careful with our perception of it, has an interesting way of making us feel worthless. As if we’re not good enough, intelligent enough to try again. Failure is your friend, your teacher and your guide. As you begin to master your mind, you’ll make peace with your failures, and forgive yourself too. When you refuse to play victim, you’ll be humbled by your humanity, and learn how to take charge of your own life. Reflecting on missteps will empower you to not make the same mistakes twice, it’ll give you permission to move forward with confidence, because now you know exactly what you shouldn’t do.

Yididya .jpg

Wishing you the best on your journey of failing forward.


Yididya Yimer