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The new home for all things Wellness. Learn, Explore, Shop and Connect all in one app.

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Empower Growth

Your profile is designed to be an Empowerment Page. Share what’s working for you on your Wellness Journey. Post workouts, recipes, articles, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts.


Find Your Favorite Profiles

Our Social Network of users are all on different stages of their Wellness journey. Find those who share the content that best suits you, “support" their profile, and see their content inside your custom feeds.


3 Unique Feeds

BetterYou has 3 feeds, Fitness, Nutrition, and Material. All designed to highlight its specific content. No more pictures/videos with just a caption. Interact with a workout post, Engage from a recipe post, and Learn from a material post by being brought to the source/link.


Connect In Your Community

Create or join a Team in every city of all 50 states. Each Team has a landing page, message board, and an event creator. Whatever your thing is, start it in your community and connect with like-minded individuals.

Welcome to the new home of Wellness